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Jen Kinzer, Future Directions Committee Chair
Jen Kinzer

This ongoing committee is responsible for reviewing member suggestions concerning organizational structure, administration or programming, especially long range planning in those areas, which have been approved by the membership. This committee is organized annually and meets at least four times during the year. The Future Directions Committee chairperson is appointed by the state president and serves a one-year term. Additional committee members are the state president, internal and external vice presidents, administrative vice president, membership vice president, chapter management vice president, chairman of the board, executive director, state parliamentarian, extensions director, marketing chair, MNWT Foundation chair, strategic planning chair, reporting subcommittee chairs, past Future Directions chair, and five (5) members from the general membership, who serve rotating two-year terms.

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    When? Where?Minutes
    2018 Future Directions Tri 1 Meetings
    Saturday, July 14, 2018Find it on Facebook
    2019 Future Directions Tri 2 Meeting
    Saturday, December 1, 2018Find it on Facebook
    2019 Future Directions Tri 3 Meeting
    Saturday, March 16, 2019Find it on Facebook
    2019 Future Directions Committee Tri 1 Meeting
    1PM-3PM on July 27, 2019
    2019 Future Directions Committee Tri 2 Meeting
    November 16, 2019
    2020 Future Directions Committee Tri 3 Meeting
    March 21, 2020

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