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Presidential Candidate Anna Nichols


Click here for Anna's Presidential Candidate presentation.

Candidate Letter

Greetings to the Minnesota Women of Today Chapters, Districts, & Executive Council

I have a passion for Women of Today and all that it offers the members and the communities the members live in. When I first started Women of Today, I was socially awkward. I never spoke in public and had few friends. My local chapter invited me in. They were kind and encouraging. I began a journey of personal growth. Volunteering for projects turned into chairing projects. Chairing projects turned into LPM and board positions. Next came district involvement, which lead to a greater awareness of what MNWT can offer. Attending State conventions turned into committee involvement and Executive Council positions. All along this amazing Women of Today journey there have been women to cheer me on, support my ideas, and pick me up when I fell. This idea of giving to others fuels my passion. The more I am given, the more I want to share that experience with others.

Since starting WT in 2009, I have done my best to take an active role in all the levels of MNWT. This includes chapter and district board position along with serving on the Statewide Committees, the Foundation, Finance, an Internal and External SPM, as the MNWT MVP and MNWT PVP. We have come to a point where there are many great changes happening and tools available to chapters, and we are just starting to reach out to them. Typically, I asked where the need is and take on whatever position that is with everything I have. This next year after years of following the need, I would like follow my personal passion and bid for the President of the MNWT. This will allow me to not only share the knowledge I have gained while serving on the chapter, district and state level with others, but also utilize the members of staff, the DDs, and the SPMs to come together and become part of a bigger support team for our chapters and districts.

When it come to my passion and why I do what I do, I believe this quote from Mother Theresa sums it up best. “None of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful.”

I am Anna Nichols, and I am seeking your vote for the office of State President. It is an honor and a privilege that I share this team with you along with our team goals. As a candidate for State President,
I’d like to take this opportunity to share with you our prospective staff. I am privileged to have many opportunities to work with these amazing women throughout my years volunteering for Minnesota Women of Today. Each one of these women bring to the team a unique set of skills, that when put together in one room creates Something Wonderful.

In Friendship,
Anna Nichols

Prospective Staff

As a candidate for State President, I’d like to take this opportunity to share with you our staff if I am elected I am very proud to present to you this diverse and extremely talented group of women Together we will provide the membership Something Wonderful In Friendship, Anna Nichols

Administrative Vice President Tevyan Sorensen, Burnsville

Making the Connection
Ensuring that our District Directors and State Delegates are well taken care of and informed is Tevyan Sorensen from Burnsville who is the prospective Administrative Vice President.

Membership Vice President Jenise Teske, Fridley

ROARing Ahead with Membership
Leading our amazing membership team is Jenise Teske from St. Joseph, who is the prospective Membership Vice President.

Chapter Management Vice President Michelle Kocak-Jones, Monticello

Stepping Into Success
Keeping up with our chapters success is Michelle Kocak Jones from Monticello, the prospective Chapter Management Vice President.

Programming Vice President Melanie Chenoweth, Coon Rapids

We Are Stronger Together
Supporting our State and Local Programming we have Melanie Chenoweth from the Coon Rapids chapter who is the prospective Programming Vice President.

Marketing Vice President Shellie Matthes, White Bear Lake

Let’s Make Magic Happen Helping us become a name everyone remembers is our prospective Marketing Vice President, Shellie Matthes from the White Bear Lake chapter.

Financial Vice President Sherry Boike, Coon Rapids

Making Our Money Count
Working to ensure that our finances are kept in balance, is Sherry Boike from Coon Rapids, the prospective Financial Vice President.

Secretary Melissa Redzuan, Eastern Carver County

Working hard on the state plan of action, along with chapter mailings, will be prospective Secretary Melissa Redzuan from Eastern Carver County.

Extensions Director Jeny Ohr, Coon Rapids

Extending Hands of Friendship
Supporting awareness and growth into new communities is Jeny Ohr from Coon Rapids, the prospective Extensions Director.

Parliamentarian Barb Monsrud, Greenbush

Guiding the Way
Working to ensure that our meetings are running smoothly is Barb Monsrud from Roseau, the prospective Parliamentarian.

Presidential Assistant Tawn Hanson, New Hope

Accomplish Stuff. Drink More Coffee
One of the most important pieces to our team is the prospective Presidential Assistant Tawn Hanson from the New Hope chapter who will work to make sure that we have everything in order for our meetings and special events.

Chapter Support Letter

The New Hope Chapter is proud to announce Anna Nichols as a candidate for Minnesota Women of Today State President 2021-2022.

New Hope is proud of the work that Anna has done with our chapter, at the District and on the State level. At the Chapter level, she served as President, Programming Vice President, Membership Vice President and several Local Program Manager positions. When our chapter had no President, Anna rewrote all of our Board responsibilities, so that the chapter could function without filling the President position. The Board shared the necessary duties and those that were not vital to our chapter were eliminated for that year. A year without a President could have been problematic, however it went very smoothly. She has used her talents to build coalitions and strengthen our community, and will use these talents to the benefit of our state organization as President. Anna always seeks a winning solution for all sides of a problem. She is an exceptional listener and those that come to her with a problem or seeking advice feel they are being listened to and are valued.

Anna has received many awards since she joined Women of Today. On the Chapter level in 2019 Anna was selected by past recipients to receive the Laurie Centa Award, which is our Chapter’s highest honor. She was selected as a Key Woman and she recently received a MNWT Programming Award of Excellence, all proving that she is an exceptional member of Women of Today and would make a strong President. She will encourage people to find new solutions to old problems, while supporting the efforts of all involved. As Minnesota State President, Anna will bring her organizational skills, forward thinking and positive attitude to her new position.

New Hope Women of Today will assist Anna in every way possible to help make her presidency successful. The Minnesota Women of Today will be well represented with Anna Nichols as their President for 2021-2022.

New Hope Women of Today

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