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Welcome to the website for the Minnesota Women of Today. We hope you find the site easy to navigate and find many useful resources available to you. Click the member icon on the top of each webpage to access all the great content for members. Not only did we include the information we already had, such as the book of forms and the staff pages, but we added a new Resources page to help you find great information with just a click. This page can expand over time, so please contact Katie if you would like a resource added.

Membership Tools

Membership is an ongoing process that involves all the members of your chapter. It is what makes your chapter and the Minnesota Women of Today a vital, working organization. To maintain healthy membership numbers, we need to continually work on our membership plans. These plans depend on ROAR, which represents the four main areas of membership:

  • Recruitment: inviting others to share in the many opportunities available to Women of Today members
  • Orientation: taking the time to explain the organization to new members, training about the organization to all members
  • Activation: encouraging members to join in activities
  • Retention: promoting membership renewals

For more information and to access tools your chapter can use to promote these areas, simply click on the key word above. The Minnesota Women of Today have also developed other tools to help chapters in these areas. Many anuals have been developed to aid in these efforts. They include the Membership Manual, the M-Night Manual, Skits and Stuff I & II and the Public Relations Manual. The Membership Management Committee has also created a Members Learning to Recruit (MLR) training program that is available to districts and chapters. For more information on these manuals or training opportunities, please contact the Membership Vice President at

Member Links

You can also find a State Publications page which has all the CIPs, Chapter Mailings, and the issues of the NEWSLET available. To view the calendar of events, click the Events link on the menu.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." ~Margaret Meade

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