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Use this page and the Success Guidelines to help you complete the Success Form.

Helpful Hints

  • No matter how you think you did on points, send in your submission!
  • Use the current form which is on the MNWT website.
  • Read the guidelines! It tells you what verification is needed and who the person is that is verifying.
  • Number each page of the verification you send in with your form and enter the page number on the SUCCESS form (middle column).
  • Write the item reference (such as CHAP MGMT, B) next to the place in your verification (ex. meeting minutes) that supports that item on the SUCCESS form.
  • You can use a project for verification only one time in the year.
  • Your Meeting Minutes should Include name of the project, participation level of membership, date of project, where donations are going to and name of the joint organization (if applicable) as verification for Programming and Projects.
  • State EXACTLY: "a quorum has been established" within your Meeting Minutes in order to receive credit for Chapter Management B (Establish a Quorum at General Meetings).
  • Send in copies of certifications for verification.
  • Submit your entry by the deadline. If mailing, make sure it is postmarked on time.
  • Have questions? Just email or withanything!

Tips for 2nd Trimester

from Cat Shuman, Success Coordinator

  • Be sure to read through the Success Guidelines. The first page of the guidelines, which can be found in the same PDF as the form, highlights the process for submission of Success: documentation requirements, preparing your paperwork, what to include in your submission, how to submit, etc. Pages 2-5 correspond to each section on the Success form. There is an explanation of every line within each section that describes what is needed to receive points.
  • Please note that Section D - Presidential Bonus Points will change each trimester. For 2nd trimester, please refer to the following notes about documentation for the Presidential Bonus Points to include with your Success submission. Descriptions/notes are to be listed in Box D on the lower right of the form - [D. President’s Bonus Descriptions].
    • Three or more members attend the MNWT Webinar in October: list chapter and names of members who attended in Box D. No copies needed. (verified by CSC)
    • Submit chapter bylaws and policies to State Parliamentarian by November 1; list date submitted in Box D. No copies needed. (verified by State Parliamentarian)
    • Submit at least one (1) nomination for Winter State Outstanding Awards by Nov 1st deadline: list OSA nomination area(s) in Box D. No copies needed. (verified by Oustanding Awards Chair)
    • Sell two (2) books of MNWT Finance Committee raffle tickets by December 31; list date you turned in money and tickets in Box D. No copies needed. (verified by Financial VP)
    • Have two (2) or more general members visit another chapter’s meeting or event by December 31; list chapter that was visited and names of members attending in Box D. Include copy of agenda, flyer, or email signed by that chapter president with your documentation. (verified by Success Coordinator)
  • The CMVP's Fall State CIP includes information about Success System.
  • If you are not able to scan and email your Success submission, please contact me prior to the January 2 deadline so we can figure out an alternative plan to submit your entry.
  • If you have any questions, need assistance, or are new to Success, do not hesitate to contact me by phone, text, or email

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