Past Priority Areas

Isaac's Journey 2012-2015

Isaac's Journey programming area encourages members, chapters and districts to become educated about and do fundraising for Isaac's Journey Foundation.

Can Do Canines 2009-2012

Meet Journey!

Thank you to everyone for the fundraising efforts last year for the Name A Puppy campaign for Can Do Canines. Introducing Journey! He has the orange collar and is the puppy Past President Cindy Sanders had the honor of naming for the Minnesota Women of Today. Journey is a male and was delivered by C-section in July and is growing fast. As he grows up, he will learn the skills to be a service dog, helping someone who is in need of his services. Look for updates as new pictures and updates come in.


Meet Faith!

Faith was named by Past President Anne as a result
of our donation of $2500 in one trimester to Can Do Canines.

Our first sponsered "Name a Puppy" Faith will be graduating on Saturday, April 20, at 1:00 pm. The event is taking place at Can Do Canines, 9440 Science Center Drive, New Hope, MN, 55428. There will be refreshments following the ceremony.

Faith's calling of service will be that of a "Diabetes Assist Dog". She has been trained to alert her owner when their blood sugar is dropping. A person experiencing hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) produces a particular scent, found on the breath, due to chemical changes in their body. All people produce the same scent when they have low blood sugar. Service dogs are needed for people who are unaware that they are going dangerously low. This is a life threatening event and it is very comforting to have a dog trained to alert you before it becomes that serious.

At the graduation ceremony, we will finally get to meet who Faith will be providing this service to. It is going to be a very special and exciting event, and you are more than welcome to attend. Bring your camera and bring you kleenex! Faith is going to make us extremely proud!

The picture above is her baby picture… but she’s all grown up now, and about to begin her new life as a Diabetes Assist Dog. Watch Faith’s television premiere! She made the news on November 14, 2012!

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