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Below please find links to help your chapter work with free online tools. Links are for videos that will run on YouTube, and were created by a third-party, some ads may be shown.

YouTube Video Tutorials

  • Google Drive / Docs Tutorial (23:02 min)
  • Google Sheets Tutorial (7:59 min)
  • Google Forms Tutorial (6:52 min)
  • Google Slides Tutorial (9:55 min)
  • Google Sites Tutorial (16:03 min)
  • Facebook Tutorials

  • How to Use Facebook  (10:04 min)
  • Creating a FB Page for Your Nonprofit (13:51 min)
  • Nonprofit Facebook Fundraising Tools (2:46 min)
  • Running Facebook Ads for Your Nonprofit (2:59 min) - this is NOT free, but will have a daily charge if utilized
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