Michelle Kocak-Jones, Programming Vice President

Michelle Kocak-Jones

Programming Vice President

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This appointed position serves as the State President’s administrator of programming. The Programming VP shall supervise the Program Managers; shall be in charge of training sessions at state meetings for the programming areas; shall perform required triennial evaluations of external programming areas; shall serve on the Future Directions Committee; shall be the liaison between the Minnesota Women of Today and the external foundations; shall coordinate the state three-year priority project bidding process; and shall serve on the Board of Directors of the MNWT Foundation as an ex-officio member.

FOR DONATIONS: please make donation checks out to MNWT and write the appropriate Foundation's Name in the comments. Then send the check to the Chapter Service Center so we can keep all funds together for the presentation of one big check at the Annual Convention. DO NOT FORGET to submit Program Manager Trimester Report. THANK YOU for your support!

Shaking It Up
Shaking It Up

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