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If you have contact changes, please complete the USWT Add & Change Form. If you have further questions, please contact

2023 MNWT Fall State ConventionFall State September 22-23, 2023 @ Courtyard by Marriott in St Cloud

More information to follow...

Fudge - Fudge - Caramels

Who has a sweet tooth or knows someone who deserves a special gift? The MNWT Finance Committee is bringing back the Walnut Grove Mercantile Fudge Fundraiser. The price for a half-pound of fudge or caramel's is $8.00. All orders should be submitted with payment to the name and address on the order form no later than August 31, 2023. Orders will be available for pickup at Fall State Convention in September. The MNWT Finance Committee thanks your for your support. Questions can be sent to

2023 USWT National Mid-Year Convention2023 USWT National Mid-Year Convention

When: OCT 6-7, 2023 | Where: Comfort Inn in Omaha NE

MNWT Foundation Fundraisers

MNWT Foundation Sustaining Member Drive

MNWT Foundation Sustaining Member Drive

RaiseRight Fundraiser

How Gift Card Fundraising Works: Gift card fundraising, also known as scrip fundraising, has been the #1 fundraiser for nonprofit organizations across the U.S. for more than 25 years. Why? Because it’s easy and more convenient than selling goods or recruiting volunteers. Earn simply by buying gift cards to use for everyday purchases, instead of cash or credit cards.For more information contact Mary Kaminski, MNWT Foundation, Corporate Grants/Solicitations Chair. Here are the steps to take to help benefit the MNWT Foundation:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Sign Up button in the top right corner of the menu bar.
  3. Enter MNWT Foundations’s unique enrollment code: JYAHCZYC5KS9 and click the "Join a Program" button.

  4. Create your account by completing all the required fields in this window. Enter "MNWT Foundation" in the "Who are you earning for">"Group" field"; then click the Next button.
    RaisedRight: Create Your Account

  5. Complete the Sgn-In information window.and click the Next button.
    RaisedRight: Sign-In

  6. Complete the Secure your account window and click the Next button.
    RaisedRight: Secure

  7. Enter your phone number in the next window and click the "Call Me" or "Text Me" button to get a verification code.
  8. Enter that verification code into the next window and click the "Finish" button.
  9. Go through the helpful hints windows until you see the Shopping Window.
  10. Start Shopping!

State Staff Info

President Amy Pumper
Visions of Success
Check out her Chapter Information Packet (CIP) or email for more information.

Vision Award

The Vision Award recognizes community and family members that have helped your chapter throughout the year. Recognition can be done at district, regional or state meetings. Those who are honored with the award will receive a certificate of acknowledgement for their contributions. See page 9 her Chapter Information Packet. Send email at for any questions.

First Steps of a Chapter President

  • Compile a Chapter Handbook (also known as a Plan of Action): As President, your Chapter Handbook should be your plan and guide for the year. Your members should use the information contained in the Handbook for easy reference. Information should be clearly stated and easy to follow. Items that should be included in a Chapter Handbook are found on page 5 of my MNJOTS CIP.
  • Complete the Chapter President Fast Start by July 15
  • Create SMART Goals found on pagge 3 of my MNJOTS CIP
  • Encourage participation in the Success Program; Bonus Points are found on page 4 of my MNJOTS CIP
  • Submit a Vision Award

Administrative VP Shirley Viesselman
Leave a Little Sparkle Wherever You Go
Check out her Chapter Information Packet (CIP) or email for more information.

I set up a private Facebook group for State Delegates only. The group name is: 2023-24 MNWT State Delegates.

First Steps of a State Delegate

  • Complete Your Fast Start: State Delegate Fast Start is due July 15. I encourage you to complete your SD Fast Start to get your year off to a GREAT start! All state delegates who complete their Fast Start will be recognized at Fall State. Fast Starts for all positions are due July 15th. See page 4 of her MNJOTS CIP for some helpful hints to help you complete yours.
  • Read Your State Delegate Manual: Everything pertaining to your position is covered in the manual. Every chapter should have officer manuals in their files. If you can’t find yours, ask your chapter to purchase a new one from the State Store (
  • Put Your Plan of Action into Writing: Put together specific goals for the year and how you plan to implement them. Talk to your chapter president and board to get their ideas on what they would like to see happen in your area. Chapters may have duties for their state delegates that are not stated in the handbook. Use the State Delegate Manual as a guide when preparing your plans. Make sure your Plan of Action is included in your chapter’s handbook/plan of action.
  • Log Your Activities: Start keeping a log of your activities. Include visitations, news articles, promotions, incentives and recognitions used/given by you, and chapter member’s participation on the local, district, and state level. It’s a great way to keep track of what you are doing and if you are reaching your goals.
  • Save the Date for State Delegate Zoom Chat on Sunday, July 16 at 7:00pm: Let’s get together and chat…. Share some ideas, answer any questions you may have. A great time to get to know the other State Delegates across the state. Tell us about your adventures so far and how you are sparkling.
  • Save the Date for President & State Delegate Retreat on Saturday-Sunday, August 5-6: This is one of the best opportunities to network with other state delegates and get some great training specifically geared for your position. There are also some fun activities too. We will be training on the Healthy Chapters, incenting and enticing participation and the tactical and practical of being a State Delegate! You can find the registration in the CMVP MNJOTS CIP.

Membership VP Glorie Balfanz
Believe in Your Vision
Check out her Chapter Information Packet (CIP) or email for more information.

Important Dates

What is a Membership Event? A Membership or M-event is a social or project held by your chapter with the intent to recruit new members. It differs from a chapter social where usually only members attend.

What are Membership Weeks? Membership weeks are scheduled once each trimester to give chapters an opportunity to plan a special Mevent or chapter social. Use this event to share and celebrate your chapter members’ unique gifts and talents, and invite prospective members to join you. When you focus on membership at an event, you increase your visibility in your community.

1st Trimester Challenge

Send your Vision for your Chapter this trimester! to when your chapter does the following::

  • Take a photo of your members in front of a sign with your community’s name.
  • Describe a social you held during 1st trimester and take one or more photos.
  • Request a proclamation from your city's mayor for Founder's Day. Take a photo at the presentation ceremony.
  • Describe a project held during 1 st trimester in 3 short sentences with a photo.
  • Host a Founder's Day event and post photos to Facebook and tag me.
  • Post photos from any event on Facebook and tag me.
  • Take a photo of your members attending your district's first meeting with the DD.

Making a Growth Plan

Create a new growth plan each year for your chapter. This visual for yourself and your chapter is an excellent way to stay focused on the overall health of your chapter in a non-intimidating way. Using these simple steps will make your job as an MVP much easier. Remember, chapter growth equals new ideas, enthusiasm, and more hands to help support your own community. There is a form in MVP MNJOTS CIP on page 3.

Chapter Management VP Tevyan Sorensen
Building for Success
Check out her Chapter Information Packet (CIP) or email for more information.

SAVE THE DATE: President/State Delegate Retreat on Saturday and Sunday, August 5-6, 2023

Let’s meet up in Monticello for the President/State Delegate Retreat! We will have so much fun and there will be lots of learning….plus a Saturday night Social for those who want to join President Amy, AVP Shirley, and CMVP Tevyan! Food, fun and a good time will be had by all; check out page 6 in CMVP MNJOTS CIP for more information and registration.

Getting Organized from the Start:

  • Chapter Officer Sheet: verify the Chapter Officer Sheet has been submitted for 2023-2024 or submit online.
  • Chapter Email: decide who is responsible for checking the official MNWT chapter email. Confirm how information will be forwarded to appropriate members regarding their responsibilities.
  • Agenda: make sure you use a structured agenda for your meetings so members know what will be discussed and what is expected of them. Don’t make it so detailed they don’t need to come to the meeting, but enough detail to guide the conversation. Every chapter looks different. Make sure to send it out in advance of the meeting & that’s a good to remind about any collections or special activities.
  • Reporting: State Delegates and Programming VPs have Trimester Reports due at the end of August. Follow-up to make sure they are aware and know what needs to be done.
  • Success: determine who in the chapter will be responsible for compiling the Success submission. Many people may need to contribute but how will it get put together…as a group or sent to one person.
  • Chapter Mailing: check out this monthly document that has highlights from the State Officers, SPMs and Committee Chairs. CM is available on under State Publications. This is a great source of information about what is going on and coming up in MNWT.
  • State Conventions: watch for information this summer about the upcoming Fall State convention. Begin to promote to chapter members along with your State Delegate.
  • Follow MNWT Administration and MNWT Membership on FB: watch for updates from President Amy and her staff on resources available and how to use them.
Success Coordinator Cindy Sanders

Remember that Success is first and foremost a chapter management too! The 1st Trimester Success submission is due postmarked or emailed on September 2, 2023. Email Cindy if your chapter needs help with submitting your Success submission by email. Points to Claim in First Trimester Only: Here are some tps for Success:

  • Keep good records – Verification happens through documentation. Make sure to document what your chapter does when it does it.
  • Make a file marked Success and put copies of documentation in as you go along. This will make filling out Success much simpler at the end of the Trimester.
  • Use Success as a planning tool – Pay attention to what you can claim and plan for those things at the beginning of the year or trimester.
  • Ask for help if you need it – No question is silly and we want to help you!

Programming VP Mary Kaminski
Living, Giving & Sharing
Check out her Chapter Information Packet (CIP) or email for more information.

1st Trimester Challenge

Programming VP Role

As the chapter programming vice president, you oversee the programming areas in your chapter. Here are a few tips to start off your year:

  • Educate yourself on all programming areas
  • Provide your LPMs with an orientation and promote the LPM Fast Start
  • Train the LPMs on how to report at a meeting and to have a written report for the secretary
  • Review the SPMs CIPS and share with your LPMs; encourage LPMs to share ideas from the CIPs with the chapter
  • Communicate with your LPMs before every meeting; if they are unable to attend, ask them to give you their report to read at the meeting
  • Recognize your LPMs with an Outstanding Programming Manager or Project of the Trimester Award
  • Like the MNWT Programming Facebook Page; follow our page; like and share for updates and chapter support; here's the schedule of posts for this page:
    • Mondays: Community Connections SPM OPEN (this could be you!)
    • Tuesdays: Living & Learning SPM Pat Undersander
    • Wednesdays: Women’s Wellness SPM Sharon Bergquist
    • Thursdays: Priority Area (Crescent Cove) SPM Sara Rocksted
    • Fridays: Youth of Today SPM Sandy Trossen
    • Weekends: Programming VP Mary Kaminski

3-Year Priority Project Voting at Fall State

We are entering the final year with Crescent Cove as our Priority Area. At Annual State Convention, the two finalists Timber Bay and REACH presented information during the business meeting. Below is a little bit about the organizations. Additional information will be sent this summer and voting will take place at the Fall State Business Meeting.

REACH (Relationships, Education, Accountability, Character, Hard Work)

We all have a story…this simple yet powerful expression speaks to the individual struggles each of us bring to life’s table. Sharing these stories is a reminder that we are not alone and that we can show resilience even in the face of adversity. REACH classrooms are a safe place where students are supported in personal and academic growth through individual instruction, values-driven goal-setting and social-emotional learning. REACH keeps students in school! Districts lose money when graduation rates fall. Data shows students who take REACH improve their class passing rates and successfully graduate. REACH Prepares students for their economic future. Conflict resolutions, personal accountability, time management, problem solving, teamwork skills and job exploration give REACH students a competitive edge in the job market. REACH challenges students. With grit and resilience, students learn to face fears, manage their mental health, hold themselves accountable and grow past limitations to break the cycles of the past. REACH supports all students. All students are provided the necessary support to help them grow through the impact of trauma, chronic stress, mental and chemical health and family and personal issues. The REACH Program is in 40 schools across Minnesota, South Dakota and growing. Click here for an example of the REACH Program Overview for Hutchinson Public Schools

Timber Bay

Who is Timber BaySince 1970, Timber Bay (Youth Investment Foundation) is a nonprofit organization of seasoned, professional youth workers within a collection of community groups serving marginalized youth in the upper Midwest. We specialize in in long-term mentorship for students grades 6-12 and beyond. As a faith-based organization, Timber Bay is motivated by our faith in Jesus to instill hope, build identity and create belonging, while respecting youth as they make their own choices. We have students from all beliefs and backgrounds of life and every single teen is welcomed, valued, and treated equally as an individual when they walk through our doors. No strings-attached-we meet kids right where they are at and help them navigate the challenges of adolescence by going through life with them; together. Timber Bay – Youth Outreach Organization.

Marketing VP Allie Staley
Let's Get Famous, MN Ducks
Check out her Chapter Information Packet (CIP) or email for more information.

Incentive of the Trimester

Do you like going to the Great Minnesota Get Together? Well, I have an incentive for you! If you happen to go look for the MNWT Bench at the State Fair and Take a selfie or group photo with the bench! Then share the picture on your Facebook page with #MNWT and send the photo to I want to see our Ducks getting Promoted online! If you do this your name will be put into a Ducky Surprise Basket to be drawn at Fall State. Look out for the date that a bunch of MNWT members will be joining Past State President Jenise at the state fair. More information to be emailed to chapters and posted on Facebook. #DUCKSRULE!

Day at the Diamond on August 19, 2023

We are excited to announce that MN Women of Today will be attending our first St. Paul Saints baseball game! Be there by 6:00pm to see MNWT State President Amy throw out the first pitch @ 6:30! The game is St Paul Saints vs Indianapolis Indians at the CHS Field in St. Paul, MN. Order your tickets by July 10th. If you have not had the opportunity to attend a St. Paul Saints game, you are missing a fantastic experience ~ good baseball and a variety of field events. All MNWT members, family, and friends are invited to participate in this fun event. Day at the Diamond is a great PR opportunity and membership social for your chapter and the entire MNWT membership!

Marketing Tips

Engage the Audience. Have a fun post to boost your comments and likes on Facebook postings. Example: Do you like a day at the Lake or Day watching movies on the couch? If you want people to share your content, make sure it's interesting, informative, and visually appealing. That could mean creating infographics, videos, or simply well-written blog posts that focus on your cause. Share information about your Chapter! Do member highlights! Share Community stories by creating short, easy to remember Hashtags! Using hashtags will create more users to “fall” upon the event or post. Example: #MNWT #FamousMNDucks

This year's PR Assistant is Shellie Matthes from the White Bear Lake Chapter, and the NEWSLET Editor will be Suzanne LaLond from the Aitkin Chapter. Use the NEWSLET Submission form and fill in with as much detail as possible; this will make Suzanne’s job smoother and more enjoyable! Remember: Fall State articles are due September 7, 2023, and Fall State personals are due September 24, 2023

Financial VP Jane Holmberg
Show Me the Money
Check out her Chapter Information Packet (CIP) or email for more information.


During our Vision of Success year, play our Visionopoly game! There will be opportunities to support the State financially and get on the board. Become a property owner. Stop on Free Parking. Earn a Community Chest card for fun surprises. Read FVP CIPs for more info all year long. Don’t end up going directly to jail, please support our state organization! Here a couple chances to get on the board right away:

  • Complete the Treasurer’s Fast Start due July 15: every chapter and district treasurer that completes the fast start and sends it to FVP will get a Chance card in Visionopoly, one of them will say “you win.”
  • Make a State Ways & Means Donation: our organization depends on donations from chapters, districts and individuals to help support our budget each year.
    • Each Chapter and/or District that donates $50 or more will get a property on the board
    • Individuals who spend over $100 at the State Store will get a railroad
  • Participate in the Oh Fudge! Fundraiser: That’s right, I said "Fudge!" That yummy Walnut Grove Mercantile fudge and caramels will again be available at Fall State.. Reorder information will be coming soon. Pass Go by collecting 200 packages of fudge.
  • Attend the Finance Committee Meeting on August 12, 2023 via Zoom: Members are Needed! Have you wondered what goes on at a Finance Committee meeting? You can find out by becoming a member and being involved in the decision making for budgeting and fundraising for the Minnesota Women of Today. Join us and you will receive a Get Out of Jail Free card!

Important Notes for 990-N Filing for MN Women of Today Chapters

All chapters must electronically submit Form 990-N Electronic Filing System (e-Postcard) between June 1 and September 1 for this fiscal year. When you finish the filing process, it is important that you email your login information (username & password) and a copy of the filing confirmation email you will receive to the Chapter Service Center. If you need any assistance with the process, please contact Executive Director Tanya Rothstein at or call 320-845-2250 during office hours. Here are some things to know about how to file:

  • All filers must register at prior to filing their next Form 990-N. This is a one-time registration; you won’t be asked to register again when filing next year.
  • Form 990-N must be completed and filed electronically. There is no paper form.
  • Form 990-N filers may choose to file a complete Form 990 or Form 990-EZ instead.
  • Organizations should continue their efforts to file, even if late.

MNWT State Store Update

Did you know that sales from the State Store help us meet our budgetary needs? New this year: we have flashlights, umbrellas, finger mitts (like oven mitts) and bottle openers; other items currently available include pens, note cards, postcards, the president’s mugs, small notebooks, garment bags, charms (commemorative, officer, years of service, and STEP), pins (commemorative, officer and years of service). Do your officers wear pins or charms showing that they are holding an officer position? If not, why not implement this and show pride in the positions and the leadership roles held. There are officer manuals available as well as certificates that you can use to recognize your members. The state store is at every state convention and other various meetings. Show pride in our organization and use it to recognize your members as well as get the name out to the public!

Extensions Director Andrea Schue
Arrrgh You Ready to Talk About Women of Today
Check out her Chapter Information Packet (CIP) or email for more information.

1st Trimester Challenge

My goal this year are Two Extensions! By completing any of the folloinwg, you will help me achieve this goal. Every time you participate your name goes into a drawing held at Fall State!

  • Contact me with a lead for an extension or ask me the process and requirements to extend
  • Visit the Extension Director webpage and share with me one resource you found useful
  • Participate with the posts on Facebook
  • Participate in the MNWT Foundation Incentives & Resources:
    • For any chapter to extend before July 31, the foundation will provide a $500 incentive to help support your new chapter
    • For any chapter to extend after August 1 to the end of the trimester, the foundaiton will be provide a $250 incentive
    • Apply for Extension Funding to help chapters, districts, or extensions teams when they are looking to extend a new chapter
    • Apply for a Grant for Newly Extended Chapters
    • Apply for a Loan for a Newly Extended Chapter

Secretary Candi Frick
The Magic of Minutes
Check out her Chapter Information Packet (CIP) or email for more information.

State Plan of Action

I am looking for donations from chapters, districts, individuals, and businesses to help pay for the State POA. Any donation made prior to July 4 will ensure that the donor’s name will be published on the first page of the State POA.Any chapter, district, or individual who makes a donation of at least $25 to the State POA in the first trimester will have their name put in a drawing for a gift basket at Fall State convention.

Important Information

  • It is my goal this year to have at least 25 chapters/districts send in their meeting minutes. Please send your meeting minutes to Each secretary that sends me their minutes will receive a small token of appreciation from me at Fall State
  • Secretary Fast Start is due July 15.
  • Check out my CIP for Helpful Hints to Having Useful Minutes. Remember minutes are factual recordings of any action taken. Be certain that you listen closely and are clear on what was discussed. Use motion slips to help with the accuracy of minutes.

Parliamentarian Tawn Hanson
Checking in with BOB
Check out her Chapter Information Packet (CIP) or email for more information.

1st Trimester Challenge

Who is ready for a fun challenge to start your year off with a BANG? The Parli challenge is easy, fun, and everyone who completes it will receive a fun tool to support your role. Complete the following Fast Start by August 15:

  • Email me a letter of introduction and share a bit about you
  • Include your theme & logo, if you have one
  • Add your goals and hit send
  • 1st Trimester Chapter Activity: Parliamentarian Jeopardy information is in the Parliamentarian MNJOTS CIP on page 2

What is a Parliamentarian?

The job of a parliamentarian is to be proactive, and to raise awareness of how parliamentary procedure is a reliable way to run meetings. This includes understanding the five basic rules:

  • Order – One business item at a time
  • Equal Opportunity – Chance to participate
  • Justice – Fairness | Everyone understands
  • Right of Minority – To be heard
  • Right of Majority – To decide

Presidential Assistant Cat Shuman
Make Magic Happen!
Check out her Chapter Information Packet (CIP) or email for more information.

Scrapbook Page

This year's Scrapbook pages will be 12” X 12” double-sided. You can create your own front and back of the page using pictures and other memorabilia, background art, clip art, stickers, markers, etc. These are due on or before April 1, 2024. Completed scrapbook pages can be given to me at any event.

PR Photos & Mementos

In addition to the scrapbooks, collecting photos, press releases, and other memoribilia from exec council members and chapters. When President Amy visits or you have a chance for a photo op with her, please pass those pictures on to Additionally, if your chapter is recognized in your local news or you are part of community event, please send me a copy of the press release/article/photo. These are wonderful ways to share your year with President Amy and she will greatly appreciate it. You can send me these items any time and I will accept them up to April 30, 2024.

Year-End President's Gift

It is a tradition to present the State President with a special gift(s) at Annual Convention to show our appreciation for her leadership this year. We ask each chapter and district to donate $10 to $20 for this gift. Please make your check to “MN Women of Today” and send To: MNWT Chapter Service Center, PO Box 216, Albany MN 56307. Note “President Year End Gift” in the memo line. Thanks for helping make this a memorable year for President Amy!

COB Jenise Teske
Finding Your Piece
Check out her Chapter Information Packet (CIP) or email for more information.

1st Trimester Challenge

Send a quick email to share the ways you will be supporting your chapter this year. Are you taking on any new positions? Chairing any large projects? Does your chapter have the Past President sit on the chapter board? Other?

Statewide Committees Meetings
Membership Management, Marketing, Future Directions
WHEN: July 29th - Registration starts at 9:30am - Meetings start at 10am
WHERE: American Legion, 229 W Nassau St, St Peter, MN 56082

ONTO Committee

Members wanted to join ONTO. This fun and vibrant committee promotes USWT convention attendance. It also raises funds to support MNWT President Amy so she can attend these conventions representing MNWT. Members attending convention have opportunities to participate in table displays, skits, and the Fall Project Fair. Email if interested in joining.

  • ONTO Shirts: look for order form in COB MNJOT CIP on page 4. T-shirts are unisex and cost $15 each ($1 more for 2-6X)
  • BOS Collection: Twice a year the USWT hosts a Bucket of Sunshine Collection (BOS) to be presented at their respective Mid-Year and Year-End conventions. At Fall State, there will be a table for everyone to bring their donations to be delivered to National the following month. The National convention where the next collection is announced has not happened yet. COB Jenise will be sharing more information in the Chapter Mailings, on Facebook, and in an email to your chapter. There may even be an incentive for the district with the highest percentage of chapters participating.

State Programming Info

Community Connections SPM OPEN
This could be YOU!
Check out her Chapter Information Packet (CIP) or email for more information.

What does the Community Connections SPM do?

She encourages chapters to become involved in their local communities, resulting in “community connections,” increases recognition of a chapter’s joint ventures with local community organizations; promotes a community-focused area. If this sounds like something you would like to help our members do, contact about being a State Program Manager this year! Here's a listing of highlights for this progamming area:

MNWT Living and Learning SPM Pat Undersander
Live Simply and BEE Grateful
Check out her Chapter Information Packet (CIP) or email for more information.

1st Trimester Challenge

Each LPM from chapters participating in the challenge will be entered into a drawing at Fall State Convention. Here's what you should do:

MNWT Priority Area (Crescent Cove) SPM Sara Rocksted
Make a Ripple-Change the World
Check out her Chapter Information Packet (CIP) or email for more information.

1st Trimester Challenge

Anyone completing any portion of the challenge will be entered into a drawing at Fall Sate Convention. Additionally, email with ways you are fundraising for Crescent Cove. Pictures are welcome! Let me know how you have promoted Crescent Cove, if you have toured or volunteered at Crescent Cove, held an information session, and/or had a guest speaker, etc.

MNWT Women's Wellness SPM Sharon Bergquist
The Beat Goes On
Check out her Chapter Information Packet (CIP) or email for more information.

1st Trimester Challenge

Each LPM who meets this challenge will have their name put in a drawing for a gift card.

  • Conduct a Signs and Symptoms of Heart Disease Review i the Know Your Numbers section of WW MNJOTS CIP page 1; email the chapter minutes where the review is documented
  • Complete the Fast Start for Local Program Manager due July 15

A Look Ahead to the Fall State Project Fair

MNWT Youth of Today SPM Sandy Trossen
Youth..."Building Their Future"
Check out her Chapter Information Packet (CIP) or email for more information.

1st Trimester Challenge

Email information on what you and/or your chapter did to be entered in a gift basket drawing at Fall Convention; 3 baskets will be awarded.

  • Complete the Fast Start for Local Program Manager due July 15
  • Participate in Kids Week: send me an invitation or information on what your chapter did and how many members participated; pictures are welcome
  • Make a donation of $25.00 or more to the Outstanding Young Adult scholarship fund
  • Send the name of a potential Outstanding Young Adult nominee that your chapter is considering for the OYA Scholarship by Aug 15
  • Locate and make a list of programs or facilities in your local area (city, county) who provide services for children who are experiencing homelessness

Project Fair

  • Stop in and visit Youth of Today booth on Friday evening during the Project Fair and act like a kid! Spin the wheel or pick a duck for a prize!
  • I will be selling hats to raise money for the Outstanding Young Adult Scholarship Fund. Who doesn’t need a hat – right?
  • Get information on child homeless programs in our state!

Kid’s Week is August 20-26

Show you care about kids by having your chapter organize a kid’s event. This is a great time to plan something fun for kids before going back to school! Big or small, all projects are a great way to make connections. Be sure email with what your chapter has done and how many members participated. Your chapter will be entered in a gift basket drawing at Fall Convention for participating. Three gift baskets will be given.

Outstanding Young Adult (OYA) Award

  • Goal for the year is $700.00 and 12 scholarship nominations
  • Chapters who donate $25.00 or more will be entered into a drawing for a special gift at Fall State
  • For each scholarship nomination received, a requested item will be donated to a children’s homeless shelter. So please put some thought into nominating an OYA
  • OYA nominations are due on November 1; it's never too early to start thinking about nominations

State Committee Info

MNWT Foundation Chair Nicky Anderson
Check out her Chapter Information Packet (CIP) or email for more information.

July 27: Foundation Board Meeting 6pm via Zoom
August 1: Cheryl L Anderson Scholarship Applications due

  • Become a Sustaining Member! For an annual $25 donation you, your chapter, or both can become sustaining members of the Foundation. Funds are uncommitted and used at the board’s discretion to support the mission of the MNWT. Funds have been used for the membership rebate/incentives, for PE courses, to pay for speakers at convention, to support new and rebuilding chapters and many more programs. Won’t you send your donation todayWe also have Venmo to collect payments now.
  • Chapter Grants Available: Grant applications can be found on the Foundation page of the website and are due postmarked December 1 to the Chapter Service Center. For more information please contact Chapter Grants Chair Laura Gaylord.
  • Foundation Fundraiser- RaiseRight: Gift card fundraising, also known as scrip fundraising, has been the #1 fundraiser for nonprofit organizations across the US for more than 25 years. Why? Because it’s easy and more convenient than selling goods or recruiting volunteers. Earn simply by buying gift cards to use for everyday purchases, instead of cash or credit cards. To find out more check out Send questions to Mary Kaminski, MNWT Foundation, Corporate Grants/Solicitations Chair at
  • Cheryl L Anderson Scholarship: To be eligible, you must be a member in good standing for 2 or more years and enrolled in college with an approved program. You must show a need for financial assistance. Applications are due by August 1 and will be awarded at Fall State.
  • Straight River Scholarship: To be eligible, you must be a member in good standing for 2 or more years and seeking to further their education in a field related to working with mentally or physically challenged people. Applications need to be submitted by July 1, January 1, and April 1 (anytime) for the Foundation Board to consider awarding a scholarship in conjunction with our meetings.
  • Fall State Lucky Buck Auction: Items Needed At Fall State 2022. We will be holding our yearly lucky buck auction. The proceeds from this auction support the chapter grants program that awards grants to individual chapters for their community projects. If you, your chapter have a donation, please contact Chapter Grants Chair, Laura Gaylord or contact me at We are looking for items for the following baskets: Beverages for All; Money Grows on Trees; and Tech Basket (from the past state presidents).

Future Directions Committee Chair Jane Hanson
Moving Forward
Check out her Chapter Information Packet (CIP) or email for more information.

1st Trimester FDC Meeting is July 29, 2023 in St. Peter at 1pm

Future Directions Subcommittees and Task Forces

  • Manual Review (Cat S)
  • Online Training (Open) - we are looking for a chair; please contact for more info or if you interested in being a part of FDC and chairing this subcommittee
  • Strategic Planning: Currently in a holding pattern. This subcommittee is responsible for preparing a long-term document that identifies the current status of our organization, where it wants to go in the future and what it needs to do to get there. A new plan should be developed and introduced for 2030 - 2040. These activities should begin in 2027.
  • Winter State Awards (Open) - we are looking for a chair; please contact for more info or if you interested in being a part of FDC and chairing this subcommittee
  • Go Green – on hold
  • Task Forces are groups of members directed to perform a short-term study of a specific topic as directed by a Statewide Committee Chair and/or State President and/or Chairman of the Board. We are always looking for members to join task forces. The current Task Forces for Future Directions are:
    • Project Upload
    • Forms Review
    • Convention
    • Success and Restructuring

Membership Management Committee Chair JoAnn Miller
Where It Comes Together
Check out her Chapter Information Packet (CIP) or email for more information.

1st Trimester MMC Meeting is July 29, 2023 in St. Peter at 10AM

The New Member Information Sheet Taskforce will be presenting their results for approval and to be forwarded to the Future Directions committee later in the day.

Mini Orientations are not only for new members. Mini orientations can be used as a "refresher course" for the entire chapter on a variety of topics. You can devote a few minutes at your business meeting or put an article in the local newsletter as a way of informing new members as well as updating others on a particular area. Consider a mini orientation once a trimester at a minimum. Suggested topics include:

  • History of the local chapter - past presidents, scrapbooks, etc.
  • Awards - categories, past winners, awards won by chapter, how to nominate, state awards
  • Publications - local, district and state, how to submit an article, subject matter, deadlines
  • Definition of a non-profit organization - one-third of chapter income for operating costs, two thirds donated to outside sources
  • Reporting at a meeting - summarize, written reports, be creative to capture your audience
  • Organization terminology - LPM, CIP, SPE, extension, visitation, etc.

Marketing Committee

For Marketing Committee Meeting information, see the information under the Marketing VP above.

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